Microbiota and Cancer

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Cancer is a major public health problem. Today, despite the very important developments in oncology, cancer is still not in the category of curative diseases. However, signifi cant steps are being taken in this direction by the identifi cation of factors that play a role in the stages of complex carcinogenesis. Recent data from the human microbiology project have shown that commensal microorganism species living on the epithelial surfaces of the body play an active role in this process and are also associated with personal responses to cancer treatment and toxicity. As a result, further exposure of a major factor with key roles in cancer development and treatment stages will reduce personal, social and economic losses associated with cancer. We aimed to assess the role of microbiota in carcinogenesis and their effects on response to cancer treatments and toxicity, based on the data obtained from recent studies in this review.

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GENÇ, Ahmet Cihat; HACIBEKİROĞLU, İlhan. Microbiota and Cancer. Journal of Biotechnology and Strategic Health Research, [S.l.], v. 1, p. 123-131, dec. 2017. Available at: <http://biotechealthresearch.com/index.php/bio/article/view/42>. Date accessed: 19 aug. 2019.