Microbiota of the Female Reproductive System

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Hilal Uslu Yuvacı A. Serhan Cevrioğlu


The detailed evaluation of the members of the vast communities of microorganisms that inhabit our bodies has started with the microbiome project. Therefore, the microorganism fl ora inside the female reproductive system has been examined in terms of reproductive health, pregnancy and newborn health. New data obtained from the evaluation of microorganisms in the female reproductive system by performing studies from a different perspective will help us to understand the contribution of these microorganisms to health and diseases to provide information on future individual therapies. In this review, the effects of the changes in the microbiome of the female reproductive system on infertility, pregnancy and newborn will be evaluated in terms of their potential effects and applications in clinical practice.

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YUVACI, Hilal Uslu; CEVRIOĞLU, A. Serhan. Microbiota of the Female Reproductive System. Journal of Biotechnology and Strategic Health Research, [S.l.], v. 1, p. 95-103, dec. 2017. Available at: <http://biotechealthresearch.com/index.php/bio/article/view/38>. Date accessed: 19 aug. 2019.